Content-Aware Satan
mk. 2

Hi everyone, I'm Blurry Face, the creator of Content-Aware Satan. I'm sad to say I've had to indefinitely disable the ability to upload pictures, due to overwhelming costs. Over the last two months (January and February 2017) I've been amazed by the amount of traffic my little site has received - thanks to everyone for the kind messages and funny pictures alike. Unfortunately, the cost of running the site has become too much for me to reasonably justify covering out-of-pocket. I tried running banner ads but they didn't work out, and I don't want to annoy you with popup/popunder/fullscreen ads - I hate them too! It seems to me that the only possible solution is to (partially) shut down Content-Aware Satan. Existing images will remain accessible through the end of March, after which I'll evaluate the costs and decide whether to keep them online (we're talking well over 400 GB of pictures here!) I don't expect to reactivate this service any time in the forseeable future, but who knows? Maybe some kind individual will offer to help out with the hosting costs ;) Again, thanks to everybody for all the uploads and laughs! Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments. So long, and thanks for all the fish! - Blurry Face